Feeling around the world…

“I was fascinated by Japan and its culture, its warrior spirit and their organizations like no other.
I was able to touch the foundations of all our combat sports and the essential heart of all martial arts i have practiced in my life. During my first trip to Tokyo I realized that the whole idea and foundations had remained intact for millenniums.
The Samurai spirit that is still intact nowadays surrounded me“

- Stéphane Cabrera is one of the few people in the world who manages to work in all combat sports without any difference, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA and Martial Arts.
- The people I started with in the 90’s are all still close to me and today we still share the same passion & family spirit for almost 30 years.
- One of the few President of Federation who has also been a fighter, a coach and an official.
- The WKN is the exclusive Federation which has organized kickboxing championships with the famous American promoter Don King.
- A succesfull cooperation with all the biggest promotion companies in the world : DON KING Promotion, K1, GLORY, ONE Championship & UFC
- Creation of the WKN World Tour : the only kickboxing federation in the world that has an aid program for countries where international sports development is difficult.

- The WKN is the only kickboxing Federation that has as international referee one of the greatest boxing referee in the World Mr Steve Smoger. A very close person to me with who we share our love for Boxing & Kickboxing.
- The WKN is the only federation to have organised a mixed event names « BBFS
– Bike Bull & Fight show « late in the 90’ s which highlighted three very distinctive shows in one: the world of motorcycling and bikers, the world of bulls and the world of kickboxing!
This annual event, masterfully organized by Samuel Cabrera and Jorge Parets, saw thousands of people come from all over France for a wonderfull week end.
- The WKN is the first kickboxing organisation that has promoted show on a regular bases on Eurosport.
- The WKN is the first kickboxing organisation that put on big TV with high audience Boxing & Kickboxing championships in the same event.
- WKN is the only federation in kickboxing/Muay-Thai that has offered champion rings 24 k gold plated to some champions. Two editions of these rings were done for FIGHT NIGHT St Tropez & FIGHTMAG anniversary.

- Acero CALI para la victoria !
- The IBA is the first boxing organisation that sanction Women boxing Championships
- WKN has sanction the biggest event European audience ever Ionut Iftimoaie vs Loren Jorge.
In the main event of SuperKombat live on Eurosport on Saturday, 6th August 2016 in Comanesti, Romania promoted by Eduard Irimia.
The fighters traded Superkombat and WKN world cruiserweight titles.
Despite the furious action in the ring, the biggest story of the event wasn’t the fight itself. Instead, it was the record setting attendance that garnered an astounding 34,000 people in Comănești. The previous record was set over nine years ago at the Amsterdam Arena in the Netherlands during the K-1 World Grand Prix 2007 in Amsterdam. The record attendance eclipses the previous record for a kickboxing event in Europe by nearly 9,000. The next biggest attendance was another K-1 World Grand Prix event held in 2008 with an attendance of 20,000.
- The new IBA team is working all together since 1997.
- The WKN is the first Federation that has promoted World Championships in : Emirates, Nigeria, India, Nepal, Saint Martin, Curacao, Malta, Cyprus, Tanzania & Zanzibar.

- The WKN is the first Federation to have organised a World Championship in a cruise boat during the famous “Corsica Cup” ( championship promoted by famous figure in Corsica Mr Toussaint Andarelli) also the first one with a chinese fighter.
- The WKN is the first federation to have sanction kickboxing with knees & duration of fight in 5x3 mn for title fights.
- The IBA is the federation that has almost all the legendary big names in USA boxing of the 90s as champion.
- The WKN is the only federation to have had a friendly place called "WKN Café" where you could eat or drink in a sport atmosphere. The venue was inaugurated in Minsk, Belarus by the Belarusian sports minister at the time.
- The IVC is still considered nowadays as the more real fight show in heart & the pioneer of the modern MMA.
- I have been able through all these years to have in our organizations personalities of all stripes such as, among others, Sylvester Stalone, Michey Rourke, Dolf Lundgren, Alain Delon, Mike Tyson, Marven Hagler, Joe Frazier, Michael Spinks, Michael Jay White, Wisley Snipes , Michael Jackson dad & mum, Brigitte Bardot, Joe Stars & many others.
- The WKN provided the champion belts and merchandizing for the famous prime film presented in many festivals and especially in Cannes "De rouille et d'os" with Marion Cotillard as main actress. The person in charge of this action was my friend Carl Emery, who managed to make WKN products appear throughout the film.
- With my friend and partner Eduard Irimia we managed in the 2000s to develop Kickboxing in Romania and make it as popular as football with every LIVE evening on TV and record audiences. We even had the chance to make the front page of the first edition of FORBES Romania magazine.
-IBA is the first boxing sanctioning body that has promoted a WORLD Championship in Vietnam. The event was organized by Mr. TRI Van Trinh , coordinated by Mr. Alexander Shah and took place in Trigger Gym , Ho Chi Minh city on September 30th , 2022.
-Stephane Cabrera is one of the few foreigners , if not the only one , to be officially involved as an adviser , talent scout and commentator in a Japanese organisation , called "Garyujima" Samurai Warriors , considered to be one of the finest martial arts show in the world.