Feeling around the world…

“I have met many great fighters around the world but there are few who have been since their first meeting with me( it’s more than two decades) as faithful and sincerely friends. Indeed Osman Yigin and Bruno Wartelle are the two persons that I appreciate very much and for who I have the greatest respect. Two strong men both successful warriors in the rings and gentlemen, with big hearts inside and outside the ring.
For me the two represent the essence of what a great kickboxer and a great boxer should be, two world examples to follow for our youth generation. As for "pure talent" it was Samir “The prince” Mohamed, I have never seen someone fighting so naturally , instinctively & I am proud i have succeeded to give him 109 unbeaten fights, all of it being pure technic and master art !
The others ones are Habib Bakir and Mostafa “Demolition Man” Oumrani, ones of the bravest fighters I have ever seen and the more relax before a fight( they have never felt the stress before a match) .Funny fact : just before a hard fight in New York I had to wake up Oumrani as he was sleeping relaxed in the change room just before the fight .
These three boxers were member of my team that time & really exclusive warriors“

The beginning….

Olivier Muller , Jean Christophe Courreges, Billy Murray, Samuel Cabrera, Carl Emery, Eric Carlton, Osman Yigin, Jean calamel, Pascal Iglicki, Dominique Roman, Élian Nouvel, Jean Philippe Goudet, Alain Meunier, Toussaint Andarelli, Samy Kebchy, Ali Jacko, Jorge Acero Cali, Paolo Bocotti, Sergio Batarelli, Don king, Habib Bakir, Sylvain Meynadier, Vincent Pelat, Carlo Barbuto, Philippe Lacombe, Jean Philippe Lustyk, Benoist Ribon.

Then ……

Eduard & Emil Irimia, Philippe Lacombe, Parviz Iskenderov, Cezare Podraza, Carlo Barbuto, Adrian Axisa, Bruno Wartellle, Paolo & Americo Magalhaes, Dany Carlson, Jean Fernandes, Pascal Pastor, André Alexi, Mostafa Kharbi, Nordine Merzhoug, Guillaume Sabatier, Jean Fernandez, Ricardo Perez, Chris Christodoulou, Antonio & Alessandro Alias, Lukas Bastinac, Chinto Mordillo, Stefanos Konstantinidis, Raphaël Girardi, Sergei Mitchnick, Fred Audoui, Steve Smoger, Egis Klimas, Lubov Djubrilov, Evgeny Kotelnikov, Nuno Ferreira, Florin Ventila, Christophe Erreira, Klaus Hagemaan, Nasser Kacem, Siniša Kovacik, Noël Mercieca, Gary Langford, Bob Hunter, Lukas Body, Mohammed Tehrani, Maunu Petteri, Kamil Gadziev, Roger Reuters, Ricardo Lecca, Alexander Shah, Albert Ross, Paolo Bocotti, Fernando Muñoz, Vadim Lyashenko, Evgeny Sapronenko, Altanpurev Orchibat, Vadim Milov, Dariusz Snarsky, Jean Louis Legland, Vojvoda Giorgie, Pascal Arenes, Badri Rouhabia, Jerome Loisel, Angelo Simson, Oj Cintje, Oleg Bogomaz, Alin Halmagean, Junghyun Kyung, Vahid Unesi, Vaihbav Shetty, Didier Wullschleger, Vadim Merikov, Emmanuel Mlundwa and many more that I forget 🙏

Those who gave me the bases for my passion in combat sports :

Yvon Cilia, Thierry Cossu, Jean Marc Colomer, Jérôme Turcan,Toussaint Andarelli, Jean Plantier and Éric Romeas.

Manager or promoter of the fighters I’m the most proud :

Samir Mohamed, Habib Bakir Mostafa Oumrani, Olivier Cerdan, Christophe Tendil, Jerome Turcan, Moilime Ramia, Stéphane Pedeneau, Marco London, Fabrice Rossi, André Alexis, Nicolas Wamba, Karim Benmansour, Tomas Mozny, Mohamed & Karim Hadj Brahmin, Mohamed Kodad, Christine Mourrer, Damien et Mathias Ricci, Dmytro Bezus, Christophe De Ruggiero, Bernard Larouddie, Christophe De Tholomese De Prinsac, Raffard Brothers, Thierry Colette, Antonio Caplonch, Federico Roma ..